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In my opinion....

     An opinion is defined as, "a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge." So everybody has an opinion and some opinions are:
  • more accurate than others - Most of us have a tendency to "spout off" without checking the facts. TV personalities and politicians are often accused of making inaccurate statements.
  • more profound than others - Some opinions incorporate a more in-depth analysis of the situation - resulting in a better conclusion. People who can look at all sides of a situation, analyze the facts, and come to a sound and logical conclusion are valued. Sadly, in politics I have noticed that wrong opinions can derail good intentions.
  • more hurtful than others - Some opinions are tactless and may even be designed to hurt the feelings of others. This doesn't mean that the opinion is inaccurate; it's just cringe worthy.
  • liable to get you shot for expressing yours - There are places in our world where expressing your opinion can get you killed. North Korea and Iran are examples.
  • First Amendment to the Constitution - I have observed that on some American college campuses, expressing a contrary opinion can cause riots, get someone fired or receive a failing grade. You would think college campuses would be a bastion of free speech - as guaranteed by our US Constitution. Instead, some campuses have become a hotbed of communist ideology.
     If I were famous, people would eagerly read these pages and the news media would quote my opinions. Let's differentiate. Some news media and politicians will contact experts for their opinions about specific subjects. For example, the news media will invariably interview lawyers and former judges when a legal issue is being featured in the news. On the other hand, some news media will interview movie stars about social, legal, or scientific subjects because the movie star is famous due to his or her acting ability! I admit it; I'm jealous when uninformed people are asked to give their opinion on some subject while nobody asks for my better informed opinion.

     Most of us are not famous but we do have an opinion about a lot of different topics. The only logical reason you have for reading my opinion is to get my perspective on important issues. Oh, and you may enjoy a little humor thrown in occasionally at no additional charge.

There are times when I read and endorse opinions written by others. Here is one I believe is worth keeping.

Opinions from others...

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