cartoon showing BLM protest Remove that statue and burn that flag!
The radical left is demonstrating their ignorance. In a world gone mad, these few people are praising themselves for attacking symbols commemorating the men who fought in the American Civil War. They believe that erasing all references to a highly important period of American history (1861-1865) will give them equality, liberty, and … whatever.

“Black Lives Matter,” is a catchy slogan. I classify this slogan under the broad heading of an ‘equality movement.’ The motive behind Black Lives Matter is police officers wrongly shoot and kill Black people. Published statistics prove this claim is overwhelmingly false!

Wait a minute, if this claim is false, then why does the news media devote so much attention to the mindless chanting of a few radicals? The answer is ratings! The news media is not concerned about the truth when scenes of marching and looting can be broadcast to a gullible public. People are glued to the television when watching protesters march and loot. Some of the television audience will be disgusted about the event while the remaining audience will feel a strong emotional attachment to the protestors. No matter what the audience believes, television ratings will skyrocket! Why is this important? Television networks charge advertisers more for broadcasting commercials if their viewership is high.

What about the leaders of these protests? What do they get out of leading protests for fake causes? They get power and recognition! Unqualified to lead recognized and purposeful groups, they settle on leading a herd of ignorant followers. I’ve noticed that whenever a group of people gather and begin protesting something, the “usual suspects” of known radical leaders emerge. They scramble to get in front of the cameras and the crowds. These well-known and highly visible protest leaders seldom get into the news between major events. It’s like they hide under a rock between protests – just waiting for the next event.

If the Black Lives Matter movement is based on a false premise, then why are Confederate flags and statues being removed from public places? Oh, that’s a good question and you don’t have to look beyond our politicians to get the answer.

Do the math, in today’s political climate; you can get more votes by getting rid of a 150 year old Confederate statue than leaving it up. Why? The news media would like nothing more than to televise a crowd of people chanting anti-racial slogans directed against a politician who is running for re-election. Only a relatively small number of people publically object to removing our heritage. Most politicians caught in the cross-hairs of a protest march will give-in to these demands. Yeah, politicians will scrap 150 year old historical American monuments in return for getting elected to another term in office. For them, it’s a no-brainer.

Destroying our heritage reminds me of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and their penchant for destroying historic monuments in the Middle East. Actually, I suspect Black Lives Matter protesters got their inspiration from ISIS because I am not prepared to give these protesters credit for original thought.

Historians and history lovers should be outraged that American history is being scrapped by politicians to appease leftist bullies. With the exception of a few right wing extremists, have you heard of any counter protests? Neither have I. It’s not fashionable to protest against losing our American history. Unfortunately, there is a downside to losing our knowledge of history. For example, “One third of California residents in a 2016–2017 poll supported peacefully seceding from the United States, up from 20% since 2014.”

You may scoff, but I’ll bet a majority of those California residents never heard of the American Civil War and what the war was all about.

Addendum 1 (added on 8/16/2017)

It’s really sad news about the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia on 12 August 2017. In my opinion, politicians who authorized removing the Robert E. Lee statue are indirectly responsible for her death. My rationale is:

  1. Authorizing the statue's removal triggered the protest march.
  2. The counter-protester’s presence contributed to the ensuing riot.
  3. And finally, the police failed to keep the opposing groups separate.

While some Americans believe that a Civil War statue is racially insensitive and should be removed from their sight, other Americans object to losing their heritage including historical monuments. Unless the politicians and news media call a ceasefire, I believe more deaths are inevitable.

Addendum 2 (added on 9/12/2017)

Go to to see and hear George Will provide definitive guidance to progressives on renaming places and things in America.

Joe R. East, Jr.



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Published 08/01/2017
Updated 09/12/2017
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