Quotation from Einstein on problem solving Are We Solving the Wrong Problem?
     I find myself getting frustrated and depressed while listening to the news and the "analysts" who try to make sense of horrific events occurring throughout the world and especially in America. Mass shootings, bombings, rioting, drive by shootings, abortions, arson, drug overdosing, and road rage are some of the more egregious actions we read and hear about on a recurring basis.

     Precious lives are lost or people are severely injured by seemingly crazy people living on the fringes of our society.

     Our Nation has recently experienced mass shootings committed by lunatics who suddenly decided to kill as many people as possible. Some motives of these killers have become known. Their motives have included rage against co-workers, family members, different ethnic groups, classmates, and government officials.

     In order to prevent future mass shootings, people have proposed solutions. These include: installing metal detectors, hiring more guards, changing the Constitution (Second Amendment), passing laws such as "gun free zones," and increasing background checks before permitting gun and ammo purchases.

     These are well-intentioned actions but, in my opinion, they will not prevent mass shootings. For example, when we look back to the mid twentieth century, we didn't experience mass shootings in America. Has anyone stopped to wonder why? Why didn't crazy people go on shooting rampages back in the 1950's?

     What's different today? In my opinion, our society and values have changed. By this I mean

  • There are more broken homes with single parents or grandparents struggling to raise unwanted children
  • Fewer people attending church - Sunday is just another day
  • Patriotism is belittled
  • Manners and respect are not taught
  • Some of today's heroes are not good role models
  • Violence and sexual content permeates the entertainment media
  • Discipline training for children is ignored
  • Abortion is widely encouraged
In other words, our society has lost much of its humanity and love for our fellow man.

     How did this happen? How did we lose our faith, respect, and love for one another? Some reasons are:

  • Businesses wanted to increase profits so they began opening their stores on Sunday
  • Atheists hate religion so they pressured the courts to restrict religious expression in schools and on Government property
  • News media, politicians, educators, and entertainers ridiculed patriotism and morality
  • Politicians pandered to fringe groups and passed laws "protecting" the rights of a few people
  • Divorce and abortion were made socially acceptable
  • The entertainment industry, politicians, and atheists looked down on religious activities, organizations, and individuals
  • The entertainment industry produced violent movies, video games, and even boycotted actors who expressed a religious view
  • More recently, social media platforms have adopted an extreme liberal philosophy to the extent that discrimination is occurring.
What is the effect of these societal changes? Many people today have no regard for the sanctity of human life. Simply stated, "They don't love their neighbor."

Joe R. East, Jr.

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Updated 08/06/2019
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