Office Furnishings

Office Desk

picture of the office desk

The desk is 48" wide, 25 1/2" deep, and 30" high.
  • This desk was built using 3/4" oak plywood for the exterior (carcass) and top. 3/4" oak was used for trim on the desktop.
  • The keyboard drawer is made of 3/4" maple reinforced by 1/4" x 2" oak pieces.
  • The single drawer is made of pine with a 1/4" plywood bottom. The drawer face is 3/4" oak.
  • The drawer was assembled using dovetail joinery on the face and equipped with heavy duty (100 pound capacity) full suspension slides.
  • A 1 3/4" tray was added to the drawer in order to expand its capacity. The tray is about 6" shorter than the drawer depth and slides for easy access to the drawer bottom.
Additional pictures and drawings may be seen by clicking here.

Printer Stand (Office cabinet)

picture of the office cabinet

This uniquely designed cabinet/printer stand is built using 3/4" pine plywood.
  • Dimensions are 24 wide, 30 tall, and 17 3/4 deep.
  • The cabinet is assembled using Kreg® pocket screws and high strength glue.
  • Shelving is supported with 1 x 2 1/2" wood pieces (cleats).
  • The top and edges are faced with oak trim for durability and appearance. The top trim is attached using biscuits and high strength glue.
  • 1/4" plywood is used on the back.
  • This piece is stained a special walnut throughout and the outside is protected by a glossy polyurethane finish.
Additional pictures and plans may be seen by clicking here

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