Night Stand

picture of the night stand before staining

     I love this night stand. Its most important use today is supporting my CPAP machine!

picture of the night stand before staining

     The attractive drawer placement design was copied from an item offered by the Pottery Barn.

plan for the night stand
     This is the front view of the night stand showing its dimensions.
night stand plans - drawer slide side view
     In lieu of ball bearing slides, I used 3/4 x 3/4" oak pieces as runners supporting the drawers and serving as part of a sliding mechanism. The 3/4" pieces are embedded into the side of the drawer. A 1/4" deep miter and glue firmly hold the oak pieces in place.

night stand plans - end view
     This drawing shows the completed slide mechanism. Note the bottom piece supports the drawer and the top piece prevents the drawer from tilting.
details of the drawer plan
     This drawing shows details of the drawer. The drawer face is firmly attached to the drawer sides by a sliding dovetail joint. The drawer bottom is made from 1/4" plywood inserted into a 1/4" slot cut into the four sides of the drawer.

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