Nativity Lodge Furnishings

     Nativity Episcopal Church in Huntsville, Alabama has financed and built a lodge at Camp McDowell, Alabama. This building is named the Nativity Lodge. I have been asked to build some furnishings for this lodge. The following items have been placed in the Nativity Lodge.

picture of Nativity Lodge's living room      This is a picture of Nativity Lodge's living room. Mission styled furniture has been installed.

drawing of a coffee table
This coffee table was assembled using mortise and tenon joinery at the legs and table skirt. The bottom rails are also attached to the legs using mortise and tenon joinery.
drawing of a coffee table
The shelving is made from 1 x 1" oak pieces attached to the bottom rail by 1 1/4" wood screws and glue.

picture of the music stand drawing of the music stand

drawing of the music stand      The music stand is constructed from cherry, oak, maple, and walnut. Cherry was used in the support post for its appearance; oak was used in the feet and the tilting mechanism for its strength and durability; maple was used in the desk for its appearance; and walnut was used in the book ledge and knobs for contrast.

The feet were attached using sliding dovetail joinery and glue. The unique tilting mechanism is made from one piece of oak.

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