Music Stand

     I designed and built this music stand as an experiment in woodworking. This stand has been placed in the Nativity Lodge at Camp McDowell, Alabama.

picture of the music stand

This is a picture of the unfinished music stand. Note the mechanism for adjusting the pitch of the desktop.

picture of the music stand

A picture of the finished stand. The large knob on the post is used to adjust the height of the desktop.

picture of the music stand

This is another view of the completed music stand. Note the oak feet; they are designed for durability and stability. The feet are attached to the post using sliding dovetail joinery.

drawing of the music stand desktop and elevating mechanism

This drawing shows the detail of the unique elevating mechanism. The bolt tightens the mechanism which holds the desktop in place via friction. The slots were cut on the tablesaw from a solid block of oak. The rounded portion was cut on the bandsaw and the center hole was drilled using the floor mounted drill press.

drawing of the music stand's post and feet

Making sliding dovetail joints is an exacting task. If the joint is too loose, the feet will wobble. Too tight and the wood may break or split during assembly.

drawing of the music stand

Designing and building the desktop elevating mechanism was the most complex part of this project.

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