Kitchen Table

picture of the table top under construction
This picture shows the table top under construction. The boards comprising the table top were fitted using tongue and groove joinery and glue. I used 2" oak pieces on each end to help prevent the individual table top boards from warping. This edge also creates a nice finish to the table top's appearance. After the glue dries, sanding the table top and bottom is required.
picture of kitchen table
This picture shows table legs and skirt pieces being assembled. Note the 1" tenon at the end of the skirt piece. I made these tenons long in order to ensure a high strength joint. Also, I cut a 3/8" groove near the top of the skirt. This will be used when attaching the table top to the table skirt.

picture of kitchen table
This picture shows the table legs and skirt being assembled. The outside dimensions are 38 x 38 inches. With a 40 x 40 inch table top, you get a 1 inch overhang all around the table. Note the arc cut into the bottom edge of the skirt. This gives additional leg room.
picture of kitchen table leg
This picture shows 1/4" oak dowels being placed in the table legs. These dowels add considerable strength to the mortise and tenon joints.

picture of table top being attached to the skirt
This picture shows the top being attached to the table skirt. 12 wood clips will hold the table top in place. the wooden clips are made of white oak and are held in place with 1 1/4" screws.
finished kitchen table
This picture shows the finished kitchen table.

drawing of the kitchen table
This is a drawing of the kitchen table.

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