Kitchen Furnishings

Kitchen Table

picture of the kitchen table

This kitchen table is made of white oak.
  • It has a 40 x 40" top and is 29 1/2" high
  • Designed to accommodate 4 adults
  • Can be used as a card table.
Additional pictures and the plans for this table may be seen by clicking here.

Kitchen Chairs

picture of a kitchen chair

This uniquely designed chair is made from white oak.
  • Glass artwork has been mortised into the backs. Artwork was purchased in Greece during a Mediterranean tour.
  • The slats, back pieces and rungs are attached using mortise and tenon joinery.
  • The box supporting the chair cushion is assembled using spline joints.
  • The box is reinforced with 3/4" plywood corner braces which are attached with glue and Kreg® pocket screws.
  • 1 1/4" wood screws are used to join the seat cushion to the plywood corner braces.
  • The legs of the chair have been notched to accept the seat box. The seat box is attached to the front and back legs using glue and wood screws.
  • An oak stain has been applied and is protected by a clear polyurethane finish.
  • The seat cushions were made by a professional upholsterer.
  • The dining room chairs are built using the same plans as these kitchen chairs.
Additional pictures and the plans for these chairs may be seen by clicking here.

picture of a spice rack

This spice rack was designed to display a wide variety of spice containers.
  • It is 44" high x 30" wide x 4"deep.
  • The rack is made of 3/4" pine.
  • A 1/4" plywood back was installed.
  • Shleves were mortised into the sides for strength.
  • The rack is protected by a clear polyurethane finish.
  • The spices were alphabetized when I began assuming a larger role in the kitchen.

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