Jewelry Box Photos

picture of walnut and cherry jewelry box with opened door

This picture shows the 12 drawers and the necklace caddy (walnut drawer in the bottom center).

picture of walnut and cherry jewelry box

Front view of the completed cabinet with door closed.

picture of walnut and cherry jewelry box

Another view of the completed cabinet.

picture of walnut and cherry jewelry box

This picture shows the back of the jewelry box.

picture of walnut and cherry jewelry box

Brass hinges were mortised into the door and carcass.

  • This jewelry box is based on plans for a Pennsylvania Spice Box that I purchased.
  • American walnut is used on the exterior, door, and feet.
  • The back is made from 1/4" plywood.
  • The drawer sides are made of cherry and assembled using box joints and glue. The dimension of each drawer is approximately 4" wide by 8" deep.
  • Drawers are lined with felt.
  • The uniquely designed walnut necklace caddy slides out and reveals hooks for hanging and displaying necklaces.
  • The knobs, hinges, and lock are either solid brass or brass plated.

What is a Spice Box?
"The spice box was originally intended to store spices, which were so rare in Colonial America that they were kept under lock and key. While spice boxes were first produced in England and later the American Colonies, they became unfashionable towards the end of the William and Mary period in England and in parts of the American Colonies.
However, they continued to be made in Pennsylvania until the close of the 18th century. While they were popular in the Delaware Valley Area, they most notable were made in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
The contents of the spice box may have changed over the years but it was always intended to hold objects that were of value. The spice box was considered a luxury item and was generally owned by the upper middle class. In fact, the box itself was considered an object of value and occupied a position of prominence within the household." Source:

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