Base Camp Freedom

A novel about men and women protecting mining operations on the Moon

Background: Sometime in the future, Earth will need more raw materials for its growing population. Scientists have postulated that asteroids from the Asteroid Belt can be an excellent source of metal ores. Throughout Earth's history, asteroids have crashed onto our planet. Some contain metals such as iron and nickel while others are mostly rock. Inhabitants have found meteors on the Earth's surface and have used the their ore content to make things. These meteors landing randomly on Earth are too few to satisfy our needs.

Base Camp Freedom is a novel about a small group of men and women chosen to protect a government-owned mining operation on the Moon. The mining process starts with a robotically-controlled ship sent to the Asteroid Belt. Its job is to select asteroids with high ore content and send them to the Moon for processing. After processing, the refined ore is shipped to Earth as a raw material. The investment in this operation is huge but the economic payoff is tremendous. Other competing mining conglomerates would like to get control of our government-owned contractor-operated (GOCO) mining facility.

Because the contractor has to pay for physical security at Base Camp Freedom, the number of military personnel stationed onsite is a bare minimum. If attacked, these well-trained marines are prepared to give their lives to protect the mining operation.

Asteroid - small rocky celestial body
Meteor - an asteroid entering the atmosphere and landing on Earth

What is the asteroid belt?
"The asteroid belt is roughly located between the orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter, and this region is where the vast majority of asteroids, also known as minor planets, are found. Some asteroids orbit in near-Earth space and some occasionally migrate or are thrown out of the asteroid belt to the outer solar system by gravitational forces." Source:

"This belt is now estimated to contain between 1.1 and 1.9 million asteroids larger than 1 km (0.6 mi) in diameter and millions of smaller ones." Source:

Creating Characters
When you think about characters in novels, authors typically let the reader formulate his/her own image of the characters. If you have read this novel, I'm sure you already have your own images of the main characters.

While writing "Base Camp Freedom," I had a lot of fun creating the characters. I used my past experiences in the military and in civilian life in choosing bits and pieces of personalities I had encountered. The novel's characters were assembled from these many and varied personality traits.

Because each character is imaginary, my next challenge was giving a "face" to each character. This was especially important to me while developing conversations among the characters. Based on an extensive Internet search, I found pictures of real people who seemed to fit the characters I was creating. (The temptation of using my own picture as one of the characters was strong but I successfully overcame that urge!) The following are my images of the main characters in the book. I also included the home state or territory of each character and his/her specialty.

Base Camp Freedom Characters

picture of the book's characters

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