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     Arts and crafts is a catchall page where mostly small projects are displayed. Items shown here have been designed and built with the same enthusiasm as those displayed elsewhere.

Doll Cradle

picture of a doll cradle

This oak doll cradle is is approximately 16" high, 18" long, and 16" wide.
  • All joints are assembled using mortise and tenon joinery and high strength glue.
  • The bed of the cradle is made of 1/4" by 1 1/2" pine strips. I recommend covering this with a 1" thick foam mattress.
  • The runners are made from hickory which has been selected for its strength and durability.
  • A clear polyurethane finish has been applied.
  • This specific item was built for my granddaughter. A second model was built for a great granddaughter.

Kid's Outdoor Play Kitchen

picture of a child's outdoor kitchen

This playground kitchen is approximately 60" wide and 18" deep. The countertop is 23" high and the pot rack extends 24" above the countertop.
  • The frame is built using 4" x 4" treated posts and 1" x 4" treated boards. It is assembled by cutting lap joints and using Torx© wood screws.
  • The bottom shelf, oven, countertop, and pot rack are made of cedar boards. Cedar is fastened to the frame using Torx© and Kreg© wood screws.
  • The oven door contains a plexiglas window and the door is attached to the oven carcass with screen door hardware.
  • The oven's sides are made of cedar but the oven's back is open for safety purposes.
  • A stainless steel bar sink with water faucet is installed. (No water connection is provided.)
  • Stove "burners" are made of cedar, painted black, and fastened to the countertop.
  • Stove and oven controls are recycled appliance knobs which are attached to the front using 1/4" dowel pieces.
  • Coat hooks are used as pot hangers.
  • 1/2" PVC pipe with wooden support pieces is used as a towel bar.

Click here for additional pictures and drawings.

Jewelry Box

picture of walnut and cherry jewelry box

This is a modified Pennsylvania Spice Box design. It is 22" high, 16" wide, and 11" deep.
  • Jewelry box was assembled using a combination of dovetail joints, pocket screws and high strength glue.
  • Carcass is constructed of 3/4" walnut.
  • The back is made of 1/4" plywood.
  • The door is made of walnut using mortise and tenon joinery and is furnished with brass hinges and lock.
  • 12 drawers are made of 1/2" cherry and lined with felt. The drawer knobs are brass.
  • The uniquely designed necklace caddy is made of walnut.
  • This item was built primarily from a set of drawings I purchased.
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Cork Bulletin Board

picture of cork bulletin board

This cork bulletin board is approximately 15" high and 21" wide.
  • The back is made of 1/4" plywood and a wooden border is attached using glue.
  • The corks are sliced lengthwise on the bandsaw which yields a larger gluing surface; giving it increased durability.
  • It's a good idea to lay out the corks before applying glue in order to find the best fit for the wooden border and overall size of the board. This is because the corks are not uniformly sized.
  • Holes are drilled in the frame to permit installing in either portrait or landscape position.
  • A polyurethane finish can be applied if desired.

Model Paint Rack

picture of model paint rack

This model paint rack is is approximately 36" high and 24" wide.
  • It is assembled using wood screws and a high strength glue.
  • The shelves are 1 1/2" deep and are spaced about 1 1/4" apart; perfect for storing and accessing small model paint containers.
  • There is a 6" shelf at the bottom for additional storage.
  • The back and shelves are made of 1/4" plywood and the carcass is made of 3/4" pine or poplar.
  • The stand is made from 3/4" plywood and can be easily removed if you are mounting the paint rack on a wall near your workspace.
  • My first paint rack was built for my son, Joe, who gave me the critical dimensions for this project.

Magazine Stand

picture of magazine stand

This oak magazine stand is approximately 13" high and 20" wide.
  • It is assembled using mortise and tenon joinery, wood screws, and high strength glue.
  • Hickory is used as accent pieces on the ends and the feet.
  • The wood is protected with a clear polyurethane finish.
  • This item was built for my son, Chris.

Paper Towel Dispenser

picture of a paper towel dispenser

This paper towel dispenser is approximately 13" high, 8" wide, and 11" deep.
  • It is assembled using a high strength glue.
  • The dowels and base are made of oak and the twin dowels are connected at the top with a small walnut piece.
  • It is stained a cherry finish and protected with a clear glossy polyurethane.
  • Silicone pads have been added to the base for stability.
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Six-pack Bottle Carrier

picture of six-pack bottle carrier

This six-pack bottle carrier is is approximately 10" high, 8" long and 6" wide.
  • It is made from 3/4" pine and 1/4" plywood.
  • Pieces are assembled using screws, small nails, and high strength glue.
  • It features a poplar handle supported by steel angle brackets. A metal handle can be substituted.
  • The antiqued bottle opener is made of cast iron which can be purchased from eBay or Amazon.
  • I copied the design concept from a catalog advertising a similar product.
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Wall-mounted cabinet

picture of a wall mounted cabinet

This wall-mounted cabinet is 24" wide by 30" high by 5" deep.
  • The cabinet is made from 3/4" oak and has a 1/4" plywood back.
  • A large glass door is attached using Blum® hinges.
  • This is a useful cabinet for displaying small items. (Much to my wife's displeasure, I refer to her collection of small ornamental pieces as nicknacks. [Nicknack is defined as small, worthless, ornamental stuff.])
  • If you substituted the glass for a solid panel or mirror in the door, this would make an excellent medicine cabinet.
  • I built a similar cabinet, equipped with a plywood panel door, which is being used as storage for router bits.
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Quilt Rack

picture of a quilt rack

This large quilt rack is made from oak.
  • The 1 x 1 1/2" frame is bolted together using 1/4" bolts.
  • 1 x 1 1/2" parallel horizontal bars holding the quilts are supported by two 1 x 4" pieces. These 4" pieces are notched and the horizontal bars are attached using 1 1/2" wood screws.
  • Diagonal cross bars reinforce the rack - giving it all-round stability.
  • This rack can be expanded by adding more cross bars; greatly increasing the number of quilts which can be displayed.
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Step Stool

picture of a step stool

This step stool is made of pine.
  • It is 12" high, 11" deep, and 16" wide
  • Glue and Kreg pocket screws are used to assemble the stool
  • A special walnut stain protected by a clear polyurethane finish has been applied
  • Women and children love these stools
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